How it works

All important information is available in the How Mercudo works section.


All products offered on Mercudo originate from proceeding proceedings. These are added by the proceeding trustee, who is in charge of the whole sale process.

The proceeding trustee is responsible for all communication and questions regarding the products. Contact information for the appropriate proceeding trustee is available under each item.


Buying on Mercudo is very simple. Find the product you are interested in within the easy-to-navigate categories. There you will also find out how you can buy it. Either you can make a price offer, or accept the proposed price, or win it in an auction. By law, all real property is sold by public auction.

After buying a product, you will arrange with the proceeding trustee whether you will collect the product yourself or have it delivered by courier.


The most attractive reason for shopping on Mercudo is definitely the price of products in combination with its safety.

Everything is being handled by the proceeding trustee, who is appointed by court and ensures that the sale is transparent.

After purchasing property from proceeding proceedings, all of its history is made null and void, meaning that nobody can take it from you. You will also receive a document for the purchase issued by the proceeding trustee.


Mercudo supports three methods of shopping. In case of products, you can either propose a price in the form of an offer, or win the product in an auction. When required for instance by law, Mercudo will notify you about a public auction.


The property detail will include the price for which the product is being sold as well as contact information for the proceeding trustee selling the product. If you like the price, then you can proceed similarly as on other similar portals, by calling or emailing the seller – in this case the proceeding trustee and arrange where and how you can collect the item.

If the property detail does not include a price, or if you are interested in the property, but you think the price is too high then you can offer your own price.

In this case, you can send the proceeding trustee a short message or question related to the sold property.


If the product is being sold in an auction, then the current price of the property will be displayed in the property detail. In the auction, you always need to offer a higher price than the current price.

Notifications will inform you about how the auction is proceeding. Notifications will tell you if someone makes a higher bid or if the auction ends and you do not win.

If you win the auction, the proceeding trustee will contact you and you will agree on the method of payment and the delivery of the product.

Preparation for an auction
Preparation for an auction

Real property from proceeding proceedings is sold in the form of a public auction. If you see a "in preparation for auction" sign at a real property, this means that the proceeding trustee has published basic information about the real property. During the preparation for the auction, you can make a non-binding price offer for which you would be willing to purchase the real property.

Auction announcement
Notification of an auction

If a real property is marked with a "Notification of an auction", the product detail will include information on when and where the public auction will take place; you will need to attend this auction in person. If the real property enters into an auction, you will be notified via a notification and email.


A set contains several products that can only be purchased as a whole.

A set can be won in an auction or purchased for the proposed price, and you can also make a price offer.

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