Mercudo is a portal which offers everyone easy access to property from proceeding proceedings. A company or individual enters into proceeding proceedings when they cannot fulfil their financial obligations. Their property is then sold. This sale is handled by the proceeding trustee, who will then add it on Mercudo. Here it will be assorted into the appropriate category, allowing each visitor to easily find what they're looking for. Mercudo simplifies the complicated process of selling property from proceeding proceedings and makes such property also accessible to the general public.


Our vision is to bring transparency and a more efficient way of selling off property from proceeding proceedings. Until now, such property was only posted on the hard-to-navigate Trade Journal, which made it difficult for the general public to find and buy such items. We also want to make things easier for companies and individuals whose property is being sold by helping them repay their financial obligations. We want to make such property available to the general public, by providing them with a simple and easy access to its purchase.

Photo igor

JUDr. Ing. Igor Hudoba, PhD.

Partner and founder

Igor focuses on providing legal services in the areas of proceeding and restructuring. His areas of business are those of a law office and an activity of proceeding trustee. He also participates in crisis management in companies and revitalization processes. Furthermore, Igor also provides legal services in the area of financial and European law when establishing the responsibility of entities.